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Thursday, November 5th, 2015

11:12am AET

Dear everyone,

I am writing this to let you know of recent events that have transpired. 

It is with a heavy heart that I announce Monster Slide NZ / Trill Productions has been forced into voluntary liquidation. 

Liquidation was never an option for me even though the company was struggling here in NZ. Instead, my strategy was to leverage licensing royalties from our overseas clients to generate income to pay our NZ debts. 

This process although longer, was working, where several of our suppliers were receiving regular payments.

However we were unable to convince another major supplier of this arrangement and they pushed for liquidation and we were served with an application of liquidation. So I had no choice but to place the company into voluntary liquidation on Monday 2nd November 2015.

We discontinued trading in NZ back in March 2015 simply due to the fact that our business model as it stood was not viable. 

I had restructured the business model to a new one which will be viable, however the likelihood of launching Monster Slide 2.0 in it’s new format is unlikely now.

I accept the venture was a failure and I apologise to the families, the children, the customers, staff and our suppliers who supported us. 

I especially feel for the parents, as their children were really excited about riding the Monster Slide and were left disappointed and angry. I really do apologise that you went through that. 

It is important to note that our major competitors in Australia faced similar if not worse problems than us, one major competitor went under earlier in the year owing millions. They did not receive even a shred of the media attention & backlash that we did.

The medias relentless and often exaggerated stories affected me in a negative way, it affected my health, to the point that I needed to get away from it all and take stock of the situation. 

As CEO, Director & Shareholder of the company I am devastated by the companies failings, there were major technical and financial mountains that we faced and that which were out of my control. 

As CEO I am responsible for overseeing the operation to ensure it runs efficiently and smoothly, and in this instance I failed. 

I thought my planning and systems were adequate, but my inexperience in running such a technical venture was exposed. 

I did everything with the best intentions at heart, and really wanted to provide a unique and amazing experience to the children (big and small) of New Zealand and abroad. 

I learned a lot with this failure, and I am thankful for experiencing this. 

In saying that I am proud of my team and all we achieved, I am proud we gave it a go. 

My duty now is to assist the liquidators with the wash up and try to make good for our suppliers and customers. 

All Monster Slide assets will be sold off with the proceeds going back to due creditors.

The company has licensing deals overseas, that of which will continue unchanged and bring much needed finance back into NZ.

I wont be answering any questions from the media. 

All correspondence will be made through this website. 

I will be releasing our blog shortly - "The Monster Slide files" detailing specific issues we faced within the business and covering off the truth and what the media failed to acknowledge.

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I anticipate the NZ media will have a field day with this, any inaccuracies and exaggerations will be countered in our blog.

Once again please accept my apology for any issues caused, please note this was a very stressful time for everybody involved and one which requires time and patience to resolve. 

Kind regards,

Jamie Templeton
Monster Slide CEO